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Welcome to Lighthouse Publishing! Today we are proud to announce the release of our 300th book! Rondall E. Jones' new book Should Christians Believe in an Old Earth is an important work that all Christians need to read! Learn more about this great book below...


Is the earth really just 6,000 years old, as many conservative Christians believe? Or is it really 4,500,000,000 years old, as the vast majority of scientists believe? It is a big difference. Almost a million times different! The purpose of this book is to assist pastors and other church leaders who may lack appropriate scientific qualifications to deal with that important question. The book is short and uses a Question/Discussion format to help readers think for themselves. Its balanced approach which appreciates both Biblical and scientific knowledge helps the reader see that the Genesis account is not speaking about a recent creation at all.


As a mathematician at a national laboratory for four decades the author knew many world-class scientists, engineers and mathematicians.  These highly educated individuals often viewed Christians as simple-minded because of their non-scientific beliefs, including a six “day” creation.  On the other hand, as a leader in an evangelical church all those years he knew many fine Christians (and a few avid young earth creationists) who casually dismissed science’s findings as “conflicting” with the Bible.  Dr. Jones’ concern for many years about this unfortunate divide was his motivation for writing this book. His fervent hope is that it will be a helpful step toward bridging that gap of understanding.

Should Christians Believe in an Old Earth now Available for $9.95!